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               An off-grid solar energy system is not connected to the utility grid, whereas an on-grid  solar energy system is connected to the utility grid. Your choice of an off-grid system or on-grid system will determine your access to electricity, what equipment is needed for excess production, what happens when the grid goes down, and how you’re billed for electricity.


           Now a days Investment in off grid solar definitely leads you to great savings, while protecting the environment. Our performance and manufacturing excellence is powered by some of the world’s most advanced technologies. Our solar systems can easily be executed on rooftops or even at grounds.


          Most off-grid solar systems are designed to produce a certain amount of “extra” electricity in the daytime, which is sent to batteries for storage. The energy stored in those batteries can then be accessed when the system is not producing, like at night or during cloudy weather.


              Depending on your energy goals, systems can be sized to produce enough excess electricity in the daytime to cover your entire energy usage around-the-clock.


           However, despite even the best and most accurate estimates, the weather is unpredictable. If you experience abnormally cloudy weather several days in a row, your system may not be able to produce enough electricity to charge the batteries and fulfill all your needs.



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